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4. Zillow Connection Calls: What to Listen for and How to Improve Yours

What makes a strong connection call:
Regardless of what type of lead you’re working with — phone connection, tour connection, nurture lead or direct contact — following a simple structure helps you stay consistent and focused on your goal of scheduling an in-person or virtual appointment. 
Professional greeting
Start off on the right foot with a professional greeting. Introduce your name, brokerage and a confirmation of why you’re speaking to the customer.
ALM framework
After an introduction, following the steps of ALM (Appointment, Location, Motivation) helps you establish rapport and learn what the buyer needs:

  • Appointment: As soon as possible in the conversation, ask for an appointment to help keep their search moving forward. Even if a buyer is unable to view a home in person, reassure them that there may be options for touring homes virtually.
  • Location: Ask what other properties they’re interested in and offer information on similar listings.
  • Motivation: Ask open-ended questions focused on the buyer’s home search, their motivation to move and building rapport. 

Strong closing
Before you get off the phone, don’t forget to confirm the date and time of your next appointment, whether you’re meeting in person or via a video call.